• Laura Brzyski

After Four Years, Freehouse Fitness Is Closing

Freehouse Fitness will officially close September 1st. / Photograph by Cherina Jones Studios.
Freehouse Fitness will officially close September 1st. / Photograph by Cherina Jones Studios.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the South Street fitness studio will close its doors on September 1st.


Freehouse Fitness, the beloved South Street fitness studio and Philly's OG rebounding spot, announced that they will officially close on September 1st.

In an email sent out to the Freehouse community, owner Dana Auriemma wrote that the closure is a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic. Despite offering live-streamed classes, creating and updating an extensive on-demand workout library, and hosting outdoor morning workouts on the studio's rooftop, Auriemma says that the Freehouse resources exhausted after six months, forcing her and her team to "say goodbye to South Street and Freehouse Fitness."

Opened in 2016, Freehouse has been known as a cardio and sculpting fitness center, offering Pilates reformer, rebounding, and mat-based/TRX-style classes. Whether you wanted to jab while jumping on a mini trampoline or use wall-clipped resistance bands to strengthen all your muscles, Freehouse basically said, "We gotchu," and delivered. On top of the variety of classes, the studio also hosted monthly beneFIT classes, with proceeds going to local charities and nonprofits. Oh, and did we mention that Auriemma was named one of ClassPass's Best Instructors in 2016 and 2017? Talk about a rockstar leader.

To closeout her announcement to members, Auriemma writes, "We are beyond grateful for the support you have shown us, and are honored to have been a part of your lives and community." We're not crying! You are! (Okay, we all are.)

To show up one last time for Freehouse Fitness, join Auriemma and her team this Saturday at 10:30 am. for an outdoor, socially-distant workout at Cira Green. You can sign up for $18 here.