• Laura Brzyski

A Brand New Pilates Studio Is Coming to Queen Village

The Balance Room is located at 501 Fitzwater Street in Queen Village. / Photograph courtesy of Marielle Rubin.

The Balance Room is slated to open this February.

It goes without saying (but we’re going to say it anyway) that 2020 was devastating on so many levels. As the new year ushered in, many of us eagerly hoped that better days were on the horizon.

Well, we’ve got a slice of good news. Next month, Philly will become home to its newest Pilates studio, The Balance Room. Finally, an opening!

Located in Queen Village, the bi-level, brick-and-mortar fitness space will offer private and semi-private Pilates instruction and TRX training, and feature two reformers, two TRXs, and a handful of Pilates-specific equipment (think Wall Tower, Wunda Chair). For the time being, The Balance Room will host one to two people, but eventually plans to expand to small group classes once the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

The current interior of The Balance Room, with equipment to come. / Photograph by Marielle Rubin.

The Balance Room is the brainchild of local Pilates pro, Marielle Rubin. Rubin, who has been a fitness instructor in Philly for the past five years, says she always had an inkling that she’d eventually open her own space, but it never felt like an imminent reality, especially during a pandemic. But after her realtor sent her the building’s MLS listing “just in case,” Rubin felt propelled to make her idea come to life. “It was a no-brainer — it was either now or never,” she says.

Rubin says her primary motivator for opening her own fitness studio is inclusivity. The Pilates industry has historically perpetuated exclusivity in terms of body size and type, socioeconomics, and race, and Rubin seeks to do her part in helping to dismantle the toxicity that surrounds the modality. “Pilates is meant to heal, to help people feel strong,” she says. “I want to contribute to the Philly fitness industry with a space that’ll do good and feel good for all community members.” For her, that looks like consistently offering modifications and verbal cues that help reduce the impact or constraining aspects of an exercise, but don’t lessen the experience; hiring an array of diverse instructors; and renting out the studio and equipment to other instructors, so they feel the agency over their own careers.

The Balance Room founder and owner, Marielle Rubin. / Photograph by Lindsay Browning.

As for the name? Rubin says “The Balance Room” was inspired by a quote a former teacher once said: “There’s no such thing as balance, only balancing.” To her, that sentiment felt right for the mission and vision of her studio. “If you’re going to stay completely balanced your entire life, you’ll never move forward,” Rubin says. “You can only make an impact when you step away from the center, disrupt that balance, and try something new or unexpected.”

Though the official opening date is still TBD, you can stay up-to-date on The Balance Room’s Instagram. In the meantime, you can take a virtual class to get a feel for what class at the studio will be like!

The Balance Room is located at 501 Fitzwater Street in Queen Village.

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